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      Given a chance of a Lifetime, will we, an American People, rise to the challenges we are faced with and help a rare human being, a good and righteous man, sent to us as a chance for a reprieve; A chance to rectify all of our mistakes; A chance to justify our very existence on this Earth; An opportunity to leave an expression and legacy of peace and Love to our children? Or should we continue on the path to destruction that most of us realize is the one we've been on; Continue on the wrong path by remaining jaded and hard hearted towards our brothers and sisters, whatever race, creed, religious conviction, political affiliation or physical manifestation we fear, fail to recognize, accept or agree with or choose to admonish today? This is the chance Americans cannot afford to throw away, discourage or belittle the significance of being THE CHANCE (MAYBE OUR LAST) OF A LIFETIME FOR A NATION!

     Barack Obama is here to help us re-organize ourselves so we all can start feeding the Good Dog & not the Bad Dog anymore.

    Let's keep it as simple as we can; Free of all the smoke and mirrors, confusion and misdirection being created everyday to rob us of this chance to prove that Freedom is the most valuable entity on Earth.

    Let's help Barack and Michelle Obama keep things simple and doable by making lists that are separated only once down the middle of the page, vertically ... One side of the list is the good side; Let's say the left for the sake of argument, and on the right side of the page, the bad shall be listed.

    Which side of the list do you suppose we need to follow; If there is a question as to which side of the list something belongs on, that's what we probably need to vote on and mandate laws backing up the majority decision with the mandates.

    WHO WANTS TO START THE LIST?             SLANTS  ~  S.L.Henley

    " The Ox is slow, but the Earth is patient"!



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